The Ten Things I Love Most
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I tend to become obsessive with things. Very few stand the test of time though. These are some of the things I am still obsessed with.

1. Chicago

There is no better city in the country. Don't lie to yourself, LA and NYC suck.
2. Politics
I get way obsessive around elections.

3. Family, Friends and Vanessa (my fiancee)
No pics... sorry

4. AMERICAN Football
Go Bears, Go Illini and Go 'Canes. There is not enough football. Even with a channel devoted to the NFl there is still not enough football.

5. Meat

6. Chicago Style Hot Dogs
I don't care what you say. There is not to much stuff on it, its a meal on a bun. If I catch you squirting catsup on it and your not under 10, you will loose your hot dog privileges.
7. The Internet
If it wasn't for the internet... I'd get stuff done. Thank you Al Gore!

9. Deep Dish Pizza

There's nothing quite like 3 inches of cheese and sausage under pizza sauce.

10. My Blackberry
I don't know what I would do without it.
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