"What you're really missing out on is the South Side Irish Parade in Chicago, which I think is one of the great events in America," bragged President Obama to the Irish prime minister.

When the real Mayor Daley moved the Southtown Parade downtown, the Wee Folks of Washtenaw and Talman began what we know now by walking around the block with banners. This year's parade brought 300,000 people to the Beverly, Morgan Park and Mt. Greenwood communities. Instead of looking at it as a strain it should be viewed as an opportunity for business and economic growth. Look at the hotels, bars, restaurants and shops in the area and tell me that for that weekend they didn't make more than most make in 6 months.

31 years of tradition are going down the drain. 31 years of childhood memories, friends, family and even wedding proposals just cut off. My children will never get to experience the greatness of the real Irish parade in Chicago and that makes me truly sad.

This is a huge loss for the South Side. The downtown parade is a sad excuse for a parade, just like all the rest of Chicago's "parades." I nothing else comes from this tragity, I hope the downtown parade hires on the South Side Parade planners and they can turn their crap into a real parade.

Here is the press release from the parade comittee.

Lack of Blog Post Haiku
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In honor of the fantastic Andi at Misadventures with Andi, and the fact I have had nothing interesting to write about for a while I give you a haiku.

Haikus from Andi
Seem to flow and come easy
This is effin hard
Your Fired!
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I watched last weeks season premiere of Celebrity Apprentice last night before work and it was freaking halirous. I love The Apprentice, and the celebs just make it amazingly ridiculous. It's even better because I have met Don Jr. and Ivanka a few times so when they make their little faces and speak nice and proper I can see the bullshit flow through. Ivanka has the mouth of a trucker who used to be a sailor. Don Jr. is quirky and laughs a lot so watching him try to swallow his laughter is amusing. I think I may have found a TV show to follow, which is rare because I don't really watch the tube.

The best line of the show was when Andrew "Dice" Clay busted out with "I don't believe in baking." Really Dice? Really? Oh and you were worried you'd look stupid because of that hat? Don't worry, because you do that all by yourself.
Phew! That Was Close!
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I'm hearing great news around the water cooler. Not only did Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts officially drop it's plans to open a hotel in downtown Chicago but Trump has a temporary "truce" on his loans from Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas. This means that in a down economy that a new competitor will not emerge and that we all still have a job, for now.

The Shangri-La opening is not good in the sense that it would have provided another 400 or so jobs in Chicago, but it is good in that it keeps us with the staff we have rather than cutting more jobs.

I hope things start to turn up or it won't matter what happens, we will all be in the unemployment line.