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...isn’t supposed to be an all or nothing battle between misery and bliss. Life isn’t supposed to be a battle at all. And when it comes to happiness, well, sometimes life is just okay, sometimes it’s comfortable, sometimes wonderful, sometimes boring, sometimes unpleasant. When your day’s not perfect, it’s not a failure or a terrible loss. It’s just another day." -Barbara Sher

Something for all of us to remember next time we are having a bad day.

Top 100 Viral Videos
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URLesque came out with the top 100 Most Iconic Internet Videos. They accompany each video with a background story which is really cool if you have about 3+ hours to watch and read each one. So If you'd like to waste a whole bunch of time here is the list. Enjoy

Bad Day

99. Scarlet Takes A Tumble

98. Roomba Driver (Cat on a Roomba)

97. Worst Day of My Life (Crying Idol Girls)

96. Lip Dub - 'Flagpole Sitta'

95. Charlie the Unicorn

94. Winnebago Man

93. Leeroy Jenkins

92. Lightning Bolt

91. The Average Homeboy (Denny Blaze)

90. The Machine Is Us/ing Us

89. Corey Worthington Delaney

88. Gamer Freak Out (Angry German Kid)

87. Impossible Is Nothing (Worst Resume Ever)

86. Shiba Inu Puppy Cam

85. Dog Saves Injured Dog From Freeway

84. Trapped In An Elevator

83. All Your Base Are Belong To Us

82. Guinness World Record for Most T-Shirts Worn at One Time

81. Tron Guy

80. Bill O'Reilly Flips Out (We'll Do It Live!)

79. iJustine's iPhone Bill

78. Barack Roll

77. Nintendo 64 Kid

76. Kittens Inspired By Kittens

75. Look At That Horse

74. Tom Cruise's Scientology Video

73. Powerthirst

72. David Elsewhere

71. G.I. Joe Porkchop Sandwiches Mash-Up

70. Will It Blend?

69. Samwell, 'What What (In The Butt)'

68. Wii Fit Girl

67. Little Superstar

66. Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

65. Liam Sullivan's 'Shoes'

64. La Caida de Edgar (Edgar's Fall)

63. Gellieman, 'Aicha'

62. Peanut Butter Jelly Time

61. Inmate 'Thriller' Dance

60. Parry Gripp Remixes - 'Cat Flushing the Toilet'

59. Avril Lavigne, 'Girlfriend'

58. Whistle Tips With Bubb Rubb and Lil' Sis

57. Breakdance Baby Kick

56. Cockroach vs. Weatherman

55. Potter Puppet Pals

54. Hahaha (Laughing Baby)

53. Howard Dean Scream

52. Fred

51. The Landlord

50. 2 Girls 1 Cup / Reaction Videos

49. Frozen Grand Central

48. Otters Holding Hands

47. Old Lady Punch

46. Daft Hands

45. One Man Band

44. 'Hey Jude' Kid

43. Fat Kid on a Rollercoaster

42. Afro Ninja

41. Skateboarding Dog

40. Christian Bale Freak Out

39. The Two Talking Cats

38. Obama Girl - 'I've Got a Crush on Obama'

37. Lonelygirl15

36. One Bank

35. will.i.am, 'Yes We Can

34. Guys Backflip Into Jeans

33. 'Shining' Trailer Remix

32. Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama

31. Jib Jab, 'This Land'

30. Miss Teen South Carolina

29. Dramatic Chipmunk

28. Back Dorm Boys

27. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, 'Crank That'

26. Exploding Whale

25. "Don't Tase Me, Bro"

24. Guitar ('Canon')

23. Free Hugs Campaign

22. Tay Zonday, 'Chocolate Rain'

21. 'One Night in Paris' (Paris Hilton Sex Tape)

20. The Evolution of Dance

19. Maze Scare Pranks

18. 'I Like Turtles'

17. Diet Coke and Mentos Eruption

16. 'Charlie Bit My Finger'

15. Noah Takes a Photo of Himself Every Day

14. 'Boom Goes the Dynamite'

13. OK Go, 'Here It Goes Again' Treadmill Video

12. Michael Richards' Racist Rant

11. Numa Numa

10. Sneezing Baby Panda

9. 'Lazy Sunday'

8. Where the Hell Is Matt?

7. David After Dentist

6. 'Never Gonna Give You Up' (Rick roll)

5. Chris Crocker, 'Leave Britney Alone'

4. Barack Obama's First YouTube Address

3. Grape Lady Falls

2. Christian The Lion

1. Star Wars Kid
"We want to reunite people with their memories, not profit off of people's memories"

Have you ever lost your camera and been more upset that you lost those memories than about the expensive camera they were taken in? Have you ever found someone's camera, memory stick or film and wondered how you could ever possibly get them back? Well Cavy tweeted about this great blog where someone is connecting orphan pictures with their rightful homes.

Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures is an amazing blog that posts every Thursday with a new collection of lost photos. They even broke it down to where the photos were found to make it easier for the owner to track down theirs.

So did you find a lost camera or memory card? Email at least four photos from your found camera and include any other details, time, location, school, etc. It's that easy to save someone's heartache!

Make sure to bookmark Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures in case you ever come across someone's photos!
So what happens when someone starts winning the race for freedom? You knock 'em down with bs and scare tactics. Sadly for them, since no real actors are giant douchebags, they had to use these bottom of the barrel actors.


I'm Not an Alcoholic;
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I'm just freelance quality assurance for the beer industry. -Ben Cox

I wish it was clearer but you get the point...

↓↓↓↓This is why we were doing Eagleman commercials↓↓↓↓

Sweet Monkey Molasses in June
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Not a bad looking bunch...

That was fantastic. I got to play a full half which seemed to go by like a blink of an eye. I think for my first match and just knowing the basics of the game I did pretty well. I didn't do much but I had a big tackle that made my day. We won our first match and tied our second so not to bad. Maybe next match I'll bring some sun screen cause I got pretty burnt up.

Rugby is a great game, but it's tough as hell. But for someone that's played both American Football and Rugby, I have to say that... It's like comparing a Pit bull and a Rottweiler, they are both very tough and but be tougher in different ways. What I mean is that one isn't better or tougher than the other they are just to different and both very awesome.
Chicago Riot Rugby
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So I made the decision to play rugby with a friend of mine. I have been to 2 practices and feel like I'm going to die. My body aches and I have mysterious bruises on my back. I'm terrified about my first match on Saturday because I have no freaking idea what the hell I'm doing. All that said, I love every bit of it.

This is a dirty sport. A balls out, beat 'em down, bloody sport. Nothing makes sense as to why it's done the way it is. The rucks, scrums, mauls, line-outs, drop kicks none of it. Whoever came up with some of these things must have been drunk all the time, in which case it makes perfect sense.

I'm hoping I can recover from this practice fast enough for tomorrow's match. Funny thing is I thought the Tuesday's practice was hard, yesterday's was incredibly worse. All this ass busting we do in practice will help me get fit and loose the weight that I've been trying to for a while. Also there's no way I can smoke and do all this running either, so that's another bonus.

I'll let y'all know how the match goes on Saturday. If your interested/bored and want to join us, the matches are versus UIC and Lewis at 12:15 at:

Lewis University
One University Parkway
Romeoville, IL 60446-2200

Turn Left into campus, and then go
This road will wind to the right and when you get to the soccer field, turn
left into that parking lot
When you reach the end of the lot turn left, and the pitch will be on your
right side with a wooden fence around it.