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http://www.jahozafat.com/ is a cool site with tons of movie quote sound bites. I have downloaded a couple and made them ringtones. Check it out.
No soup for you!
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I just found out that we are not getting a cat. We "rent" from Vanessa's parents so if there is something we want to do in the condo we have to ask. Well the parental units said no to the cat and I must say I am disappointed that we aren't getting a pet. I was really looking forward to the new addition but it's cool I'll live.

Oh and the tree is up and it's awesome.

Peace out!

1 week 2 days and 21 hours: w/o cigarette
Seasonal Decor
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Well it's that time of year again. I'm doing the internet shopping thing this year so that's new to me. We will see how that goes as far as if I'll ever do it again or maybe just use it to support my regular shopping. Basically the experiment is that I'm going to do all my shopping online that I can and see if it's going to be something for me.

The decorations, at least most of them including the "Barbie Tree" (long story with a bad ending) went up yesterday and the Big Tree will go up today. I love when the tree is up it's always a cool thing to come home and see it in the window. At least we don't have the bells that Vanessa's mother has. It's like a string of bells hung across the window pane that constantly dings Christmas music. That will drive you to insanity.

Well I'm gonna go and see if I can get breakfast going and wake up the lady, peace out y'all.

1 week 2 days and 9 hrs no smoke.
Horray me
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I haven't smoked for 1 week 1 day and 13 hours. Not bad if I do say so myself. Maggie and Pher (my best friends) also quit smoking this past week. That will be a big help seeing as I'm always around them and the temptation would be bad for any of us. This way with none of us smoking there is noone to keep us down.

I am working on trying to make a time schedule to plan out my days to have a little ordered chaos. I need to get myself used to working on a schedule so I can get enough sleep and do my regular duties around the house. I mainly want to do this so I can get back to running. I watched a bunch of videos and remembered why I want to loose the weight, why I want to quit smoking and why I want to run that marathon. Man I want that so bad I can taste it...
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