I love wine, I really do. I love the smell, the taste and how it can make a simple meal seem so much better. I just have two major problems with wine.

First I can never figure out how to pair most wines and that's where this great little tool I found comes in handy. Wine Web Central's Food and Wine Pairing gizmo has taken alot of the headache out of pairing your meals with the perfect wine. You just select your dish and then the major spice/flavor that corresponds with that dish, and it gives you a Good, Better, Best rating on the wines to pair with that meal.

My Second downfall is the pronunciation of wines. REALLY?!?!? Is it completely necessary to name a wine made in California or Australia in French? Well, I found this little gem at Wine Taste TV. The "Pronunciation Guide For Wine Producers And Proprietary Brands" in their Wine 101 section has enabled me to stop sounding like a baboon when trying to pronounce wines I have never heard of.

I hope this makes someone's life just a tad easier as I know it has made mine. Good luck!