My Co-Workers...
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Our little buddy from mornings and two from afternoons sing Habenera...

This is for fun, I love my co-workers. Sometimes this is all we're able to understand from them on the radio.
Batman & Joker fight at Trump!
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I went to see Dark Knight yesterday in IMAX. All I have to say is HOLY EFFIN CRAP!!!!!! This was the best Batman movie to date. Dark Knight was the perfect Batman movie; long, twisted, dark, funny, explosions, new toys, Chicago... perfect.

I said when Begins came out that Bale was the best Batman and Bruce, and I stand by that statement after Dark Knight. As far as the Joker goes, Cesar Romero had a great laugh and Jack Nicholson had that stare, but Heath Ledger WAS the Joker. Ledger brought everything the Joker needed together: a perfect laugh, insanity mixed with genius and the all important look. None of the others looked like someone I would call a criminal mastermind, while as Ledger scarred the crap outta me. With Harvey Dent, I think Billy Dee Williams played an alright Dent and woulda been a good Two Face, Tommy Lee Jones was special but didn't stand out in the long line of Batman villains but added a special flair to the Two Face character. Now Aaron Eckhart is going to stand out for sure. His portrayal of Dent was perfect, and the sick emotion he dumped into Two Face was great. I really liked how they portrayed his face and his storyline stands out alot, which is hard seeing as Ledger grabbed most of the attention.

In a city where just about every building is recognizable to it's citizens, one is not that recognizable... yet. If you weren't sure, the final fight between the Bat and the Joker is at the Trump Tower construction site. Which is awesome because it's a building that is changing the skyline of my city and has a starring role in my new favorite Batman movie.
Minor Update:
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I haven't smoked for 2 days, 22 hours and 51 minutes, saving 59.05 cigarettes and $13.28 .
Back With A Vengeance
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Just had an awesome time up at Lake Geneva. I got so wiped out it's taken me 2 days to recover!

Speaking of being a sissy, I have made a pact with 2 friends to get ourselves healthy and swim across the lake. We started a blog: 3 Big Dudes to keep ourselves in check and keep track of our progress.

I quit smoking again because I hate the fact that if I don't I'll never run the marathon. Wish me (us) luck. Peace.