Diplomacy Vs. More War
4:39 PM | Author:
Democrats Vs. Republicans. The story goes on and on and on. Democrats want diplomacy and the Republicans are quick to hit the red button. Does anyone want to explain the current situation to me then?

Senator McCain says "I believe we can act with nations with values and principles that we hold dear and exercise enormous pressure -- diplomatic, trade, financial". Meanwhile Senator Clinton is sounding like Bush with comments like "I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran (if it attacks Israel)" and "we would be able to totally obliterate them".

What am I missing here? When did McCain start believing in diplomacy and when did Clinton become some sort of War Monger? Didn't she say something like, uhm, I dunno (and I quote), "people running for president should not engage in hypotheticals" and called it a mistake "to telegraph" what U.S. strategy might be at a time of unrest.

For real what am I missing? Does she want another four years of the same?
Happy Earth Day
1:15 PM | Author:
I'm sure with Earth Day tomorrow and everything, you have heard the phrase "Go Green" about a million times. Mostly what you'll hear is change your light bulbs, get a hybrid, etc., etc. But really, to go green isn't that hard. Simple things like rolling down your windows instead of using the A/C, turning off lights when you aren't using them and shutting down your computer when your not on it can make a big difference.

This Earth Day I hope everyone will make a simple commitment like; change five light bulbs to CFL's or purchase an energy efficient fan to use rather than your A/C. The change you can make can be tremendous and help you save a little green in the long run.

Check out treehugger.com for some great tips on how to go green on just about anything for your office to you sex life.

Also GlobalWarming-Facts.info has a cool list of 50 things you can do to stop global warming (go green).

I have made a commitment to buy organic, free trade products when I can, to help lower my carbon footprint and live healthier. What are you doing?
Impromptu Exotic Entertainment
2:07 AM | Author:
The Winnipeg Sun reported that police were dispatched to a call of a man on a roof causing a disturbance, who was apparently intoxicated.

When the Staff Sgt. Liz Chisholm arrived on the scene, the man stripped down to his sandals and did the bunny hop on the roof while slapping his ass. He did all this while drinking tequila out of a bucket.

Now don't get me wrong I dislike Canucks like the rest of the red-blooded American population, but how can you not love anyone who knows the bunny hop and drinks tequila out of a bucket. Now as for the slapping of the ass and being on the roof naked, you can find that at any collegate institution in America. I hope he gets off and someone throws a a few singles in his sandal strap.
Watered Down
12:37 AM | Author:
So I've read a lot about these cleansing diets, where you eat no solids for a certain amount of time and it not only cleans out your system but you can loose a signifigant amount of weight as well. Most I've read about are three day programs. I'm shooting for a week.

I've customized it a bit but essentially it's the same as everything else I've seen. I'm going with two 8oz glasses of vegetable juice, two 8oz glasses of fruit juice, three 8oz glasses of skim milk and a lot of water.

My starting weight is 335.4. Yeah I know I'm a fatass. So here goes nothing. I'll probally end up chewing my own arm off.
The Gimp Who Stole MS Paint
6:38 AM | Author:
In his never ending quest to discover why I will not use Adobe Photoshop over MS Paint and to make me use something more "sophisticated". Pher had turned me on to GIMP an open source program that is reminiscent of Photoshop.

** SIDE NOTE ** To those of you who don't know open source is where programmers create a code for a program, offer the program for free and allow people to edit the code themselves and re-release it (as long as it's open source as well). Two great examples are Linux and Mozilla Firefox.

So I'm using this program and thinking it's alot of stuff that I'll probably never use, but some cool stuff that took me hours to create in Paint I can do in literally minutes with Gimp. I start messing around and I stop and think, "I just created awesome!" I realized that it would've taken me about 30 minutes to do this little picture in Paint and do it for the first time in Gimp, it took me five.

So for anyone still reluctant to move into a new age of photo editing and creating check out GIMP. Now I know that it all seems confusing on what to actually download, but it's not. From the home page click Downloads, then click Download GIMP 2.4.5– Installer for Windows 2000 and above. Then run the installer and it's that easy.