Happy Earth Day
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I'm sure with Earth Day tomorrow and everything, you have heard the phrase "Go Green" about a million times. Mostly what you'll hear is change your light bulbs, get a hybrid, etc., etc. But really, to go green isn't that hard. Simple things like rolling down your windows instead of using the A/C, turning off lights when you aren't using them and shutting down your computer when your not on it can make a big difference.

This Earth Day I hope everyone will make a simple commitment like; change five light bulbs to CFL's or purchase an energy efficient fan to use rather than your A/C. The change you can make can be tremendous and help you save a little green in the long run.

Check out treehugger.com for some great tips on how to go green on just about anything for your office to you sex life.

Also GlobalWarming-Facts.info has a cool list of 50 things you can do to stop global warming (go green).

I have made a commitment to buy organic, free trade products when I can, to help lower my carbon footprint and live healthier. What are you doing?
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