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Junior Management
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I didn't even know that the term existed. Now I am one.

I just found out yesterday that I got the promotion I was hoping for. It was the most anticlimactic statement I could have imagined. I had in my head that I would be asked to see HR and be offered the position and maybe have a discussion of my responsibilities and the benefits of the position. Nope. I was having coffee with my director when he causally said that a memo would go out today stating that I was the new "Lead Officer". Then then continued on like I already knew the promotion was mine.

I should be excited that I got the promotion and leave it at that. I just can't help feeling like I got cheated out of something. Like there should have been a band and a cake or something. I need to get over it. I not only have a job during the recession, which is more than a lot of people can say, but I just got promoted. I'll just count myself blessed and leave it at that.
World's Slowest Police Chase
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On my way to work I was on the inbound Ike, a State Trooper squad pulls onto the expressway at Harlem. The squad was fully lit but only going about 40 mph. I was 2 cars back waiting for the trooper to pull someone over, but the squad just kept cruising behind a vehicle at a steady 40 mph. So we pass Austin and I'm starting to wonder why the hell the car won't pull over. If they were trying to make a break for it, 40 mph on a 4 lane expressway isn't going to cut it.

All of a sudden I see another squad hauling off the Austin exit in my rear view mirror. The second squad then joins the world's slowest police chase. All of a sudden from the left lane, using it's signals, the car they are behind pulls from the left lane to the middle lane, waits then shifts to right lane with both squads in tow, still moving at 40mph.

When the "offender" pulled off at Cicero I look over and it's a little old lady who is struggling to even look over the steering wheel. I love Chicago.