Movin' On Up! Maybe...
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Today I had my interview for a promotion I have been wanting, then not wanting, then wanting more than I can imagine. I really don't know why I scared myself into not wanting it, but I did and it may have hurt my chances.

My initial interview was with my director, who was not very happy that it took me so long to put in for the position. I think that I pulled it out with him though. I explained my position and he seemed to understand, a little.

My second interview with HR went well. It kind of turned into a what can make the overnight shift better in general rather than what I can do on that shift or why am I qualified for the position. One thing I noticed during the HR interview is I need to maintain more eye contact.

My final interview was with the Assistant GM and for some reason I felt the most comfortable during that one. I adjusted my eye contact and used some advice my director gave me. It was only a few moments in before it went the way of the HR interview and then out of nowhere he hit me with it. A Beave Love-Fest. I was truly honored by what he was saying. He told me that I surpassed their expectations of me and that I have come a tremendous way having never worked in this industry before. I was proud of myself for the first time in a long time.

All three told me the decision was to be made very soon. I hope I get this.
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