I hurt everywhere. I hurt places that I don't know are called. This workout thing will be the death of me. It kinda hurts my arms just typing. That is pretty sad.

On a whole new topic, the TV is on behind me, and I just noticed the show that's on. The World's Funniest Moments. Now am I the only one who thought Arsenio Hall's career was over? If not, am I the only one who was happy he didn't have a career? I can't believe how lame he is. I'd rather hear Bob Saget's lame jokes than look at Arsenio Hall. This is horriable but I can't turn it off. The videos are not even funny I just want to see what he is gonna say next. Wow this is a car wreck!
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On 9/03/2009 12:06 AM , Michael said...

No, you are not alone.
I've been sitting here in my favorite chair, surfing the web, with the tv on in the background (Just like you! Maybe we're soulmates!). Funniest moments is on, and yes it's unbelievably lame!
I don't think I'd prefer saget though, I feel that he and hall are pretty much even on the douche factor scale. I'm sure at some point somebody pitched a show to the network suggesting the funniest clips from the web, hosted by a charming, funny host. How did that idea evolve into this crapfest? I'm guessing that the network exec in charge was probably the same exec responsible for clear coke.

You do the math.