It's Happening!
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Like a long lost relative coming home, the elections are here. Most people suffering from election fatigue will finally have relief.

At 12am Eastern polls open in the little village of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. Their vote isn't necessarily a tell tale sign of the rest of the country or even the state, but it will be neat to see which way the 21 registered voters will go.

I can't wait to see this country finally head in a new direction, with a Democrat leading the Senate, the House and in the Oval Office. I am not a Democrat, I'm actually a Green which is a little more down-left than a Democrat but not as far as to call me a socialist. This is a chance for the Democrats to make a difference. If they fail to do so, I believe the country will finally see that the two party system and it's parties have been outdated. Most of us already know that the "typical" Republican is outdated, shown by the fact that only 25% of Americans are "card carrying" members of the GOP. The other fact is that the rest of the world sees our Dems as right of center and our Repubs as extreme up-right.

By the way this is the new political compass.
This is my Compass.
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