Still Annoyed...
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Apparently I need to go through some kind of therapy or become a politician. I am getting more and more annoyed by the culture I live in. I am so proud of it sometimes and so fricking pissed off by it other times. How is it that we are so enamored by the death of a celebrity yet so lackadaisical regarding world events? I know I rambled on in my last post about the lack of news coverage regarding Iran, but seriously how is it that we care about Jackson and Fawcett more than the suffering of MILLIONS of people around the world.

I see top headlines on Google about a man that died, a woman that died and crap about a guy who cheated on his wife in South Carolina. Is that really more important that the daily deadly blasts in Iraq, the attacks in Nigeria, the terriable human rights violations in Palestine, China and Egypt and the horrific things happening to the people in Iran? Is this what we have become? A people more connected with our celebrities than the rest of the world? Ask anyone on the street who Heidi and Spencer are and I bet 95% know. Now ask them who Jalal Talabani is and I will guarantee only 5% know who he is.

I saw a tweet from @bandcandy that said it perfectly for me: "This whole 'CNN relies on Twitter for news' thing is all Iran's fault. They're quoting MC Hammer's tweets right now."

Don't get me wrong I am sad for the families of the deceased, and the family of the Gov. Sanford. I just don't believe that the troubles of a few should outweigh the cries of so many.

I would really like to know... How many of you who read this had to click the links to find out who Heidi and Spencer are and how many of you had to click the link to find out who Jalal Talabani is. Please be honest even if you need to post anonymously to tell me. I am really interested.
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There is almost no coverage of what's happening to Iran right now... Other than Twitter, Aljazeera and BBC I cannot find ANYTHING! How do you not report on a country that has rioted the way they are, with citizens terrified to leave their houses, with a government that cut out all mobile and internet networks within the country, that is blocking television channels? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE IN TODAY'S SOCIETY?!?!?

Imagine what you felt during the 2000 elections... except this time the nation knows George Bush circa 2008 and he is running against Obama. Now imagine you believe the Bush rigged the election and they put Obama on house arrest, cut your cell phones off, cut your internet service, shutdown satalite news stations and just ran a goverment sponsered news channel on your TV. Now you go to the streets to protest, just for being outside you will be shot by rubber bullets and beaten by police. HOW THE WOULD YOU FEEL IF THE REST OF THE WORLD IGNORED IT?

I am so pissed off right now that these so-called 24 hour news companies are failing so badly. This election affects the entire world not just Iran. This affects our relations with the Middle East and it affects the entire stability of the Middle East.
Neglect... and a giveaway!
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That is such a sad word, but that is what I have done with this blog. Total neglect, to the point where more people than I have subscribers have asked me what happened to me (makes me feel all special and crap.) I've just been keeping myself busy with classes and work.

The spring rugby season is over even though I missed the last bit from injury and the bachelor party. I have definitely fallen in love with playing that game. As soon as my knee is 100% I am gonna go and practice with the seven's squad to get in better shape and learn so when I play next spring I will be a force to reckon with.

Work is work and I think that it has lost some of it's luster, but I still enjoy what I do and who I do it with. Just not necessary who I do it for as much as I used to due to some recent management changes.

14 days till one of my very best friends gets married and I'm the best man for that one. I am super excited for them! C & M are two of the best people I have ever known and are totally made for each other. Although I don't know how he managed to land her in the first place, she is way outta his league... hahahaha!

Also! If you managed to read through all the boring personal crap I just wrote I'm having a Fantasticular giveaway for my 100th post! I will hint you into the awesomeness of what it is by the that time but for now you have to wait and see.