Impromptu Exotic Entertainment
2:07 AM | Author:
The Winnipeg Sun reported that police were dispatched to a call of a man on a roof causing a disturbance, who was apparently intoxicated.

When the Staff Sgt. Liz Chisholm arrived on the scene, the man stripped down to his sandals and did the bunny hop on the roof while slapping his ass. He did all this while drinking tequila out of a bucket.

Now don't get me wrong I dislike Canucks like the rest of the red-blooded American population, but how can you not love anyone who knows the bunny hop and drinks tequila out of a bucket. Now as for the slapping of the ass and being on the roof naked, you can find that at any collegate institution in America. I hope he gets off and someone throws a a few singles in his sandal strap.
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On 4/21/2008 3:48 PM , Asgard said...

My damn "Canada Trip" keeps on popping up to remind me that when I travel, bring my meds!!!