"We want to reunite people with their memories, not profit off of people's memories"

Have you ever lost your camera and been more upset that you lost those memories than about the expensive camera they were taken in? Have you ever found someone's camera, memory stick or film and wondered how you could ever possibly get them back? Well Cavy tweeted about this great blog where someone is connecting orphan pictures with their rightful homes.

Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures is an amazing blog that posts every Thursday with a new collection of lost photos. They even broke it down to where the photos were found to make it easier for the owner to track down theirs.

So did you find a lost camera or memory card? Email at least four photos from your found camera and include any other details, time, location, school, etc. It's that easy to save someone's heartache!

Make sure to bookmark Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures in case you ever come across someone's photos!
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On 4/13/2009 2:40 PM , asoom said...

That is a totally genious idea! I just hope it's actually applicable.

I'd definitely be more upset about losing the memories and the files over losing the camera or the drive. One time I lost a memory stick with some important files and I almost had a panic attack. That night I got an email from a neighbor that said they picked it up. THey were caring and intelligent enough to try to find names on the saved files and then they looked me up on the university directory when they figured out what school I went to. I was soooo relieved!

On 4/13/2009 2:53 PM , Sam said...

my sister found a memory card, but it was locked! so we can't even do this :(