John Sewell 1913-2009
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At approximately 11:50pm on January 31, 2009 John Sewell passed away in his sleep due to multiple complications. The world lost a truly amazing man who will be sorely missed.

I met John about 7 years or so ago, a little while after I started dating V. It was a neat that her grandfather and I shared the same birthday, just 70 years apart. When he was a kid they used to call him J for short, almost the same as my Jay for Jason, so he would consistently call me John which would amusingly get everyone confused from time to time.

John always had the swagger of a teenager even in his 90's. At 95 years old John was rocking a girl under his arm. He met M a few years back and she has become like part of the family. Rarely have I seen someone so full of life and happiness, especially at his age.

John was one of the most fearless, mentally brave and poetically compassionate people I have ever had the privilege of coming in contact with. He was always working up his next get rich scheme or how I could get Trump put him on the payroll. When he wasn't trying to become a millionaire, he was taking care of his family, even though it might have felt like we were taking care of him.

John Sewell was THE man. The world will never be the same without him.

We love you John. We miss you already.
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