"No one ever died because of pot."


How about the 20yo "Good Boy" pot dealer shot 3 times in the head, the 25yo dealer who "had his head and throat smashed in with [a gym barbell]," or the 41yo who was so high he drove his car into oncoming traffic.

If that's not enough for you The LA Times has published an article about a link between a form of testicular cancer and smoking marijuana. The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle has found a 70% higher risk of testicular cancer in those who were using pot and an even higher risk associated with younger age at first use and frequency of use.

"It's not just that you develop testicular cancer, but you develop a worse type of testicular cancer," said Dr. Glen Justice, director of the cancer center at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center in Fountain Valley,

Guys, think of your boys the next time you want to light up.

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On 2/16/2009 1:54 PM , Andi said...


On 2/16/2009 1:55 PM , Andi said...

P.S. like your tag cloud - where'd you get it?

On 2/16/2009 7:55 PM , Beave said...

Thanks, phydeaux3 has a great one on their blog. Here's the link: http://phy3blog.googlepages.com/Beta-Blogger-Label-Cloud.html

On 2/18/2009 3:38 AM , Anonymous said...

Marijuana also has some medicinal purposes though. I can greatly help people who can't be helped by modern science, and it's been used as a medicine for centuries. So there are two sides to this story.

On 2/19/2009 12:10 AM , Beave said...

And for centuries there has been people who eat the remains of their dead, does that mean it doesn't have the side affect of turning their brains into mush? It may help your pain temporarily while your high but that doesn't mean it won't cause cancer.