I Loathe Dr. Phil
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I loathe Dr. Phil, mainly because he's an inconsiderate man hating jerk but also because he is sometimes right. Even though we all wish we could choke out our partner from time to time, we have to make compromises and back down every now and then. Which by the way neither V nor I ever back down. Fighting is like an art between us, a glue that holds us together.

V and I have crazy fights. The kind where your guests get up and tell you they need to get up early and it's 4pm on a Saturday. The funny thing is they only last about 5-10 minutes and then it's over but usually not resolved. Most of them are about nothing at all so resolution is not always needed and we end up better than before after it's over.

I need to make sure that my life insurance policy stays low otherwise I fear the same fate as the guy in the picture.
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On 2/08/2009 10:31 AM , asoom said...

come on now who hates Dr.Phil???? Hey maybe Dr.Phil will read this post and invite you and V on his show!

On 2/09/2009 8:56 AM , Beave said...

I don't think I could accept because I can see the future on this one...

Dr. Phil: Beave your a bad person. V your an amazing person. Men are horrible, women are awesome!

Crowd: WHOOT! :::Cheer!::: YEAH DR. PHIL!

V: I'm leaving you, you sorry piece of junk!

Dr. Phil: Way to go V!

Crowd: WHOOT! :::Cheer!::: YEAH DR. PHIL!