The work face is a mask we all have to wear sometimes. We all know that while in the work face we can't do anything that would disrupt normal business, even if it's something we commonly do after hours. For me that would be politics, and last night my mask didn't fit so well.

I was having a normal conversation with some engineers about the daily events at the hotel when one asked if I knew anything about what President Obama said to A-Rabs. Now right away my first instinct was to say no, but I hate ignorance more than anything, and maybe some knowledge would help breed some tolerance, so I explained. I told them what he had said and that it was mainly about Middle Eastern peace and separating the relationship between the Muslim Faith from the terrorist organizations.

This is where everything went downhill. The guys know that I know quite a bit about whats going on, so they ask "What would you do?" This is the part where you tighten the strings on the work face and move on before things get worse, well I took it off completely. I started with what seems now as a rehearsed speech about economic reform rather than military tactics, assisting rather then dictating and looking from their perspective of the past and present not just ours. Somehow we got onto the Palestine-Israel conflict and I stated my feelings about the Israelis being the biggest problem in the region. Then one of them says "The Jews are God's chosen people, it's their land, just blow up the other guys." At this point I lost my lid an flew a little off the handle, to a point where I'm sure HR would have taken issue. Of course acting like that will never change his mind so I calmed down and we all went our separate ways.

So I printed out the information from Wikipedia on the conflict, and hopefully that will let him understand it more. This way he can make an more informed decision and I don't have to want to take off the work face to kick someone's ass.
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