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After reading Brandy's post at It's like I'm... mmmagic! about "Chickspeak," I have been inspired to create a list of "Dudespeak." If you have any more translations that I may have missed, let me know.

What he said: That sounds like a great idea!
What he meant: Stop talking so I can watch the game.

What he said: Your friend is a sweet girl
What he meant: Her looks could stop a charging rhino.

What he said: I can't find xxx
What he meant: Will you help me find xxx because it didn't fall into my lap when I called for it.

What he said: What girl?
What he meant: You mean the blonde or the brunette?

What he said: You remind me of the girls in Sex and the City.
What he meant: I hope you put out like Samantha.

What he said: Your parents for dinner sounds great!
What he meant: Do you smell BBQ... Wait WHAT?

What he said: I like that top.
What he meant: I can almost see a nipple.

What he said: It's a guy thing.
What he meant: It's not logical and I have no reasoning behind it.

What he said: What did I do this time?
What he meant: What did you catch me doing and how did you know!

What he said: I think it's cool you have a tongue ring, it's shows your adventurous.
What he meant: Did it come with a set of kneepads?

What he said: I just want to stay friends.
What he meant: Your really not that hot.

What he said: It would take to long to explain.
What he meant: I have no f***ing idea what I'm talking about and didn't expect you to call me out.

What he said: I've got my reasons
What he meant: Gimmie 10 minutes to figure out an excuse.

What he said: It's just a little cut.

What he said: You look great!
What he meant: You look like a blind person ran that into a clothes line but I'm starving so let's go.

What he said: No, I'm listening.
What he meant: I didn't hear a word you said but I don't want you to yell at me
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On 1/26/2009 4:37 PM , Brandy said...

I loved this! I can't pick a favourite there were too many great ones. Definitely learned a few things! ;)