MMMMM Melted Plastic
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So I think I'm gonna hunt down this Murphy guy and hit him in his teeth for that damn law of his. It seems to be the rule that my life abides by.

So I was having a problem with my headlights not turning on, it wasn't the bulbs, it wasn't a fuse, so it had to be the switch. Ok. I go and buy the switch and Vanessa's Step dad Don helped me get to the point where you just swap it out, and apparently the reason it went out is because the wire harness melted. YEAH! We try and find this harness thing at a parts store but were unsuccessful in doing so. So now it's time for the "Guess Which Wire Goes Where Game!" WOOT! WOOT! Needless to say it was freezing and a giant pain, but we finally got it and the hot glued the wires in place.

If it hadn't been for Don then I probably would been in the dashboard for alot longer, and lost a few fingers from frostbite.
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