Damn that's a big kitty!
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I had a pretty cool time at Great Cats yesterday and all we did was dig and break cinder blocks. But by doing that we helped create a better drainage system for when it rains, so that less flooding on the grounds will occur. I also spent a brief time with the animals which was pretty awesome.

I added a link to the Great Cats site and also a donation link to help out. If you live nearby you should definitely go, maybe even volunteer. If those options are not in your future than I would hope you do donate, because every dollar helps provide food, shelter and care for these amazing creatures.
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On 12/04/2007 7:54 PM , Bummer said...

Sounds like you were in the County Line Zoo Prison - i would like to know more about this later though Beave.

P.S. You have your own website?!