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So I just submitted myself to NaBloPoMo for the month of February. The theme for this month is "Ties." Neck ties, your ties with the world, knot ties and I'm pretty sure Alex P. Keaton can even be a topic...

This is a stretch for me and I'm not really sure I can make it. I've been pretty down lately and I don't know if I can find enough to blog about let alone a theme. Ah well I'm gonna try my best and if I can make this one it would be an accomplishment seeing as I've never finished a NaBloPoMo yet. Wish me luck and I'll see you tomorrow with my first post on Ties!
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On 2/08/2010 10:13 PM , Andi said...

Don't be down: “When you reach the end of your rope, TIE a knot in it and hang on.” - Thomas Jefferson

Here are some ideas (Don't mind me!)
- The ties that bind - things that hold you back
- Family ties
- Things that get you all tied up
- Ties, connection between music and X; or books and X; or movies and X
- Political ties
- ..."this all ties back to X"
- "we're going to tie one on tonight"
- you just tied the knot
- fit to be tied
- how to ties things together
- to tie a game in sports

Hope that helps!

On 2/08/2010 10:17 PM , Beave said...

Now I am actually a little upset.. I wrote 10 blog entries getting ready for NaBloPoMo and set them up to auto-release and now they are missing. I only checked in to see your comment! This is uber frustrating! Oh well there goes another one... I'll just re-write them and post as I go...