Economic Woes
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I've told you of my departure from my last gig. Although it's not my wisest decision, it was one of my proudest. I saw blantant racism and stood up for something I believed to be wrong. When I found that the corporate mentality of "reverse racism" to be more worried about lawsuits than about justice, I stood up for my beliefs and quit.

Now I've been working for a small poorly managed security company that pays minimum wage since it's the only place I could find a job. This company has been loosing more accounts than it has been bring in due to it's sub par sales rep. So now I am once again unemployed with no real opportunities in sight.

Normally I wouldn't let this really get to me but V is also unemployed and it's possible that neither of us will find anything anytime soon. This is one of the only times in my life that I have been truly worried about what may happen.

I may go back to school full time if I can get a cost of living loan. I may try to find a gig bouncing at a club again. I may even go wait outside the Home Depot with the rest of the workers trying to scrape by. I will go to the IDES tomorrow to file for unemployment. I will do everything I can to keep V's and my spirits up. I will find another job and so will V. I will be fine.

Ties... Lol
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On 2/12/2010 3:15 PM , Andi said...

It is hard to keep the faith, there will be moments of great doubt, but you have the strength and dignity to get through. V. is a very lucky woman and the two of you will make it if you hold onto each other.