Weekend at Virgilio's
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So Dumb and Dumberer take their friend's lifeless body to a currency exchange to cash a social security check, and succeeded.

Apparently James O'Hare and David Daloia, had been placing their friend Virgilio Cintron in an office chair and going to the currency exchange with his check for months, three times a month. "He looked like that every morning," Daloia said "I didn't know he was dead."

Dip and Shit got arrested on charges of attempted forgery, attempted possession of a forged instrument and petty larceny. Miraculously some mystery person paid out their $1,000 each bail, and I'm sure they couldn't have been happier.

Now Mr. Daloia just doesn't understand why this would gain so much media attention. "I robbed banks that got less coverage than this."

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