As a woman, I was dumbfounded by Clinton's breakdown. She just reversed years of trying to prove that women could be as "strong" as men... Shame on you, Mrs. Clinton. And thanks for re-inforcing stereotypes we professional women have worked so hard to dispel.

~ Your a moron. You just set women back with that ignorant statement.

..Other countries already have female leaders, such as Philippines, Portugal, Germany, Pakistan, India, etc. Some American women just accept to be second-class citizens...

~ WTF!?!? I really hope you were high when you wrote this.

Boo Hoo an oscar winning performance. Tell me this was not calculated.

~ No it wasn't. It's called passion, I hope someday you could feel that way about our country.

...Until women proclaim their patriotism in writing, it's highly unlikely a woman will be voted our Commander in Chief. Sorry, but that is a FACT!!! Hillary go home and cook B.J. Clinton a nice steak dinner! Save the crying about Iowa until we Californian's show you just how we feel about a fem-sexist woman in a public office! Save your tears for when California get's done with your a$$, you're gonna need 'um. Stupid Biitch!

~ You are a sad little man and should be tar and feathered then dropped out of an airplane.

...Mrs. Clinton is indeed the best choice... men has ran this country, look where is are at.

~ You has written you opinion. You looks ignoramus.

She has my VOTE! 100% Its time for a woman to run the show.

~ That's just as ignorant as everything else I've read. Don't pick a candidate because of religion, sex, race, MTV, Facebook or even Oprah for that matter. Choose who you see best fit to run the United States of America.

The full article I have taken these reactions from can be found at ABC News. And yes, these are my personal thoughts on some of the moronic things that were said in the comments of this article.

Also FYI, in their everlasting quest to deliver the news truthfully and completely, the comments on this article are being deleted by ABC. It went from over 800+ comments, to 700, to 775 and now it's sitting at 701. I love free speech.
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