"If I'm not evolving, I'm going to become extinct."

I've tried to always live by that since I realized I believed in evolution. I realized that evolution doesn't only happen over millions of years to an entire species but happens individually in our daily lives of who we become through our choices.

I got winded walking stairs at work that I normally have no problem with and I thought to myself maybe I'm getting sick. So the next day after not feeling any symptoms at all I patrolled the same area and got winded again. At this point I couldn't figure it out. How could I have become this out of shape in the two weeks I was off so I decided to weigh myself. I had gained a substantial amount of weight on my honeymoon and was disgusted. This little ordeal got me thinking about what I had been doing and if I was moving backwards rather than continuing to evolve.

I thought about all the changes I had made in the past year to my lifestyle both personally and to my environment. I thought about all the progress I had made and was disappointed in myself for allowing this to happen.

So I've sworn off the elevator, greasy fast food, decided to use public transport 3 of my 5 work days, made an attack plan for gym, and decided to purchase as much of my weekly groceries at the farmers market as possible. Let's see how long I can make this last. I have V's support so that will help a lot.

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On 10/15/2009 6:51 PM , Andi said...

I support you to - it is the right thing to do and you WILL feel a ton better!

On 11/18/2009 6:22 PM , Anonymous said...

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