Your Fired!
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I watched last weeks season premiere of Celebrity Apprentice last night before work and it was freaking halirous. I love The Apprentice, and the celebs just make it amazingly ridiculous. It's even better because I have met Don Jr. and Ivanka a few times so when they make their little faces and speak nice and proper I can see the bullshit flow through. Ivanka has the mouth of a trucker who used to be a sailor. Don Jr. is quirky and laughs a lot so watching him try to swallow his laughter is amusing. I think I may have found a TV show to follow, which is rare because I don't really watch the tube.

The best line of the show was when Andrew "Dice" Clay busted out with "I don't believe in baking." Really Dice? Really? Oh and you were worried you'd look stupid because of that hat? Don't worry, because you do that all by yourself.
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