Why not? His approval rating is at 29% (According to "Faux News") so there's nothing to loose, and everyone in the country is addicted to the presidential race so noone will even notice.

Today is the first day that the US strike killing 8 in Syria *SUNDAY* has made it to the front page of any major news source, at least that I have seen, and that was only for a few hours on Google News. So if you haven't heard the US went several miles into Syrian territory to the Abu Kamal border community, and had a firefight with a group on the ground with a couple of helicopters, then took the body of the one they were after. The target was Badran Turki al-Mazidih or "Abu Ghadiyah", a top al-Qaida in Iraq figure who operated a network of smuggling fighters in and out of the country. Now Al Jazeera reports that 4 of the dead were children.

Wait it gets better. Washington has yet to even formally acknowledge the raid. Even better, Syria has threatened to pull their troops off the border and basically screw any form of border security if the US doesn't formally apologize and knock it off.

So yesterday hundreds of riot police set a perimiter around the US Embassy in
Damascus just before a crowd of tens of thousands headed to a central square for a 2 hour peaceful protest of the attacks. Now the preemptive riot police and the fact that in a counrty where you are arrested for protesting I can only assume that this was goverment-orchistrated. None the less the fact that is was peacefull still gives me hope that Bush hasn't started another fight that he can't finish.
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